Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Building a eco house with eco materials and energy

Eco housing is the thing of the future here is some info of what you can do to help save the earth.

  • How solar heating works is solar radiation is absorbed and converted into heat through a series of toughend glass cleared tubes.
  • Another way of heating is a ground source heat pump which pumps through air that slowly gets hotter as it is pushed through the pipe then gets pushed out a heat pump into your house.
  • Photovaltaics is advanced technology that is similar to solar panels but instead of turning it into heat it turns it into electricity. Cool right.
  • Collecting rain water into a tank and using it for gardening and household use. You may think it is stupid but you can put a filter on it so it is clean.
  • Double glazing and insulation do the same by keeping the heat in and keeping your power bill down.

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  1. Wow - you've taught me some interesting new things here. I didn't know about the temperature control system using the soil. Very interesting!