Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sustainable architecture

Yesterday Kris Wilson a professinal architect came to our class and talked to us architecture and how to make it sustainable. He talked about how important insulation in the home is and now the goverment fund towards insulation has help older homes become warmer. He also told us about heating your water with the heat from your fire with a water back. Here is his website with all of his work. Click here.


  1. good work Sprint, where is your second post? I hope he inspired your love of architecture? :)
    I have created a chatzy room for your math investigation so that you can share ideas and questions from home and during math time
    here is the link
    check it out:)

  2. Everyone has their favorite way of using the internet. Many of us search to find what we want, click in to a specific website, read what’s available and click out. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because it’s efficient. We learn to tune out things we don’t need and go straight for what’s essential.